October 2018

Upcoming events:

  • 6/10-18
    Uppsala Jungle & Involve PART 2 of 2

  • 11/10-18
    Weathered Statues // Kuudes

  • 14/10-18
    Hexis // Demersal

More events can show up in the future. Please consult our calendar for the most up to date information.

Other news:

  • The vacant rehearsal space has now been occupied. Thanks to everyone who has showed interest.

  • One of our board-members have decided to quit. A replacement will be elected on October 31. Due to the male majority currently elected to the board we want to encourage non male members to nominate themselves for this position. To nominate yourself send an email to xxxxxxxx@xxxx.com.

  • We have a brand spanking new website! No longer are we bound by the shackles of Facebook! All info can now be found here as well (and probably more).