Kulturhuset Femman

Run by the non-profit Ett fritt kulturhus i Uppsala

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Photo by Mikael Lindqvist

Photo by Mikael Lindqvist

About us

Ett fritt Kulturhus i Uppsala is a non profit organisation dedicated to providing a non commercial, autonomous arena for music, art and other creative expressions in Uppsala.

Since March 2018 we run the culture centre called Kulturhuset Femman, located in Boländerna in the industrial area of Uppsala. Here you can find rehearsal spaces for bands, studios for artists as well as our stage for live performances.

To get in touch, send an email to khusuppsala@gmail.com or contact us through social media.

Our friends

Here is a list of organisations we collaborate with.


Uppsala Hardcore:

Hardcore Punk DIY Gigs Bands Promotörs etc. Check it out!





Queer parties with queer performers. The most colorful parties in town!



Uppsala Jungle:

Uppsala Jungle is an Underground culture club with focus on the electronic music and live performances like dance, live music and live visuals in a magic atmosphere where everyone feels welcome, good vibes only!


Wolverine Hi Fi.jpg

Wolverine Hi-Fi:


Klubb Kryptonit:

Klubb Kryptonit is the face of Kulturföreningen Kryptonit. We regularly organise concerts with bands from the club as well as invited friends.