I want to attend an event at Femman, what do I need to do?

- You have to be a member of the organization that runs Femman, that is Fritt Kulturhus i Uppsala. Are you not already a member you have to apply for membership no later than the day before the event in question. You can apply for membership HERE.


I want to become a member, but how do I do that?

- You have to go HERE, fill out the form and pay the membership fee. The membership is 100 SEK and lasts the entire calendar year. If you apply for membership after October 1st, the price is 50% off.


I didn't receive an answer, did something go wrong? Did you forget about me?

- All e-mail communication is done manually by volunteers. Please be patient. We have not forgotten about you. We are just a bit busy. Thank you for your understanding.


I missed the deadline, can't you make an exception please?

No. The event organizers have to know before hand exactly who they can expect to show up at their event. You can’t become a member at the door either.